Planning around the world trip sure looks so easy on the eye, but is it? It’s like talking and doing two opposite things. The difference is as simple as the North and South pole. You literally have to figure out all sorts of things, from planning your ticket fare to backpacking to things to do in your travel to the number of countries you are going to visit. There is so much to look into and if you venture out on your meandering trip without preparations the trip can easily become a guilt trip.

The around-the-world trip is like living the life of a nomad. You have to navigate visas, circumvent bureaucracy, arrange accommodation, commute and there will always be good and bad moments. To live it as global trotter management is vital. After toiling for hours, we have come up with 8 simpler steps to simplify your around-the-world trip.

In this blog, we have brought the spotlight on the management part of the world trip. Below mentioned 8-steps will ensure a systematic approach and take care of all your desires and wishes pondered.


8 Simple Steps to Plan a Round the World trip

Prepare Itinerary of Top Destinations

Planning a round the world trip is a daunting task and demands peak creativity from your side. Think of it, you are going to spend at least 5-6 months on your world trip, there will be time and money restraints, weather constraints, and legal hindrances so brainstorming is umbilical here.

Prepare a bucket load of lists and edit them relentlessly to make your top 5 or 6 destinations that are to be the theme of your round the world trip. Spain, France, and the USA are the most traveled countries. So, their cities should be part of your around-the-world trip. Then comes Europe, which is a big part of world tourism and houses a vibrant ethos. Consider the likes of Norway, Greece, Prague, Iceland, Austria, and Poland to be part of your itinerary bucket list. There are certain favorite places of yours, crammed right up there in the itinerary list.

This phase of planning is more concerned with inspiration. Read books and travel logs to gain an insight into the cities you are pondering visiting. It’s not that you will flash blitz the whole globe. Listen to travel podcasts that surely will help you set a stepping stone in your around the world trip itinerary list. After you are done making a torrential list of destinations, have selected key destinations to be the center of your world tour. Now those 5 or 6 key destinations are going to be a cornerstone of your around-the-world trip and all the stoppages & next destinations are going to be around them.

Books and Podcasts to read

  • Around the World in 80 Days (book)

  • 1000 Places to see before you die (book)

  • Rough Guides: First-Time Round the Trip (book)

  • Ten years a nomad: A Travelers journey home (book)

  • The Devil’s Picnic (book)

  • The Budget-Minded Traveler (podcast)

  • Zero to Travel (podcast)

  • The Travel Diaries (podcast)


Jai Travel Deals - take on key Itinerary Destinations

We have 6 continents, make your key itinerary cities based on the distance between these continents. This will help you in a lot of ways. Money and time restraint can easily be sorted with this approach. Acclimatization is another one, if you are visiting Asia, you will need one or two days to acclimate yourself to the heating sun weather, then you can check off several places without having to worry about the weather. List of closing points between all the continents:

  • Asia and North America – Bering Strait (61 miles)

  • South America and North America – Panama (0 feet)

  • Asia and Europe – Many places (0 feet)

  • South America and Antarctica (648 miles)

  • Asia and South Africa – Many places (0 feet)

  • Asia and United states – 4 miles apart

  • Asia and Africa connected through Suez Canal

  • Oceania and Asia are directly connected at the border between Papua, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.

  • Asia and North America are 2 miles apart


Which Direction you are Undertaking

When planning a round the world trip, the direction is generally east to west or west to east. Both directions have their pros and cons and it is much better than tracing back your own steps. The flow of the direction when undertaking a round the world trip should be upward and forward-moving not backward moving. This chain of movement will help throw away jet lag and save resources and assure the environment is in a good place.

For ticketing, you can go for either a single world tour ticket or book several tickets as you tick off places on your bucket list. You will face time zone barriers when going east as you have to adjust a lot to the changing time zones. Jet lagging is another prickly problem but power naps in between the flight at the airport will ease some of your worries. Picking the west direction will suit your time zone more and there will be less body roll.


Details of Your Round the World Trip

Rich travel experiences are always surmised as visiting the city as if you were a native. Overland routes adjoining the borders and different regions should be the focus of your commuting when not boarding the air route. This way of traveling caters more to the exploration aspect of traveling, more focus on local food, culture exploration, tidbits of places, and things to do around the world.

Pin the key 4 or 5 cities on your map as discussed in the first step. Ensure these key places are developing into a rough sort of map for your world tour else chop & change some of the destinations. Now start the detailing part, mark nearby destinations or countries that are connected to those 4 or 5 focal destination points. Search on internet maps and ensure destinations are commutable through cross borders, there is no legal hindrance, measure distances, routes, and ways of traveling mode. Slowly and subtly, you will be able to form a sort of location network and a bigger picture is soon upon you. Whatever you do, rely upon locals. Let it be local transportation, local food, local guides!!

Pro Tips:-

  • Pick a popular route when deciding the destination points of your world trip.

  • Popular routes are lined with several destinations which are only fewer distances apart. Detours are unlikely and cities are pretty much in a straight line.

  • Local commute is easily available.

  • There are fewer legal barriers on such routes.


Coin Your World Tour Around the Local Festivals

You will be contributing a lot of money and time so why not make your world trip more pious and decorated. Centering your world tour around the worldwide fervor festivals will add charm to your round the world trip. There are so many to choose from, there is Holi, the color festival of India, then Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Germany’s Oktoberfest, Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival, etc. Food lovers will dig in the La Tomatina festival of Spain.

This way travelers can relish the point of the journey to the utmost peak. My favorite thing about scheduling your travel around festivals is you get to experience the culture of the city upfront, learn many unique facets that bookish knowledge will never ponder on, and most importantly the nuances. If it is a family vacation, kids love festivals. They are happy if the place is happening and digs in the aura. The only worry is that cities around the festive period shell more expenditure and can become pricey destinations.

So put in your dates that match those festivals around the world. List of Festivals that should be part of your world tour itinerary:

  • Thailand Yi Peng Lantern Festival – Mid-November

  • India Holi Festival – March

  • Brazil Rio Carnival – April

  • La Tomatina – August

  • Carnival of Venice – February 8th to 25th


Chase Around the World During the Summer

Chase the world dancing onto the crest of sunshine, vigor water, and bouyon enthusiasm of summertime. The summer crest of waves always suffices any traveler no matter where is the location. Lovely sunshine and warmth is all you need to make your tour sunshiny. Asides from that, there are still people of different tastes, picky nature, and destinations that are only visited in winter but you cannot hit every destination in your preferred season.

Research ahead of time the weather criteria for every city in your world tour itinerary. You do not want to come to a rain-drenched island or encompassed in an avalanche of storms and rainfall or stuck in a cyclone-affected city.


Destination Cost

Favor budgeted travel cities in your around the world trip. Arrange cities so that your planned budget is not exceeding the amount. Pack a mix of destinations that not only justify your times but the money also. The cream layer of your world tour destination should be the high-cost countries and the foundation is countries ranging from mid to low cost.

Southeast countries will provide cheap travel options to add to your list. Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Laos are truly blissful if you are looking for happy and cheerful backpacking. Then go mountain climbing to the world’s highest peaks in Nepal, visit the vibrant ethos of India and get up close with Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean.

Outside of Asia; Central America, South America, and Mexico offer cheaper travel options. Costa Rica, Santiago, Patagonia, Machu Picchu, and Lima are some of the notable locations to add-in to your world bucket list that will sustain your travel on a minimal budget.

European countries’ cheapest destinations list includes Portugal, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

In a nutshell, choose some pricey countries out of your bucket list to add to your world trip itinerary and compensate the budget by adding mid & low-cost destinations with the remaining itinerary list.


Budget Friendly Airlines

Now move to the most obvious and pinned travel expenditure. When planning a round the world trip, airfare is likely to consume most of your budget and then hotel stay. Whatever destinations you have planned, you will find cheap airlines on each continent. Research your destinations deep down and dig out the cheapest airlines to accommodate your air traveling.

To travel to North and South American destinations. The likes of Southwest Airlines, JetBlue Airlines, Allegiant Airlines, Volaris, WestJet, Spirit Airlines, and Frontier Airlines will satiate your cheap airfare demands.

Jet set your Europe destinations with budgeted airlines like Wizz Air, Blue Air, Eurowings, Easy Jet, Aer Lingus, AirBaltic, Transavia, and Pegasus Airlines. 

Board on airlines such as Air Asia, Scoot, Indigo, Tiger Airways, Peach, Nok Air, and Skymark to go to your Asia destinations.

The aforesaid airlines will offer cheaper flight options to air commute in Asia.


Skipped a Few Destinations

The last step is as formidable as the first one. Chop and Change are always a vital part of any plan. Read through your whole plan and start looking for any uncertainties in your world tour planning. You will gain a new perspective once you go through your around the world itinerary.

There will be a few destinations that you would want to change so that you do not rush your around-the-world travel. Severe jet lagging can be the cause of great distress if destinations are not planned efficiently. Similarly, the long-paced adventure can get you at loggerheads with the tour itself.

World Tour is meant to be a slow-paced savoring voyage, don’t mistake it for a long paced adventure so plan it accordingly.


This is the last straw to your plan for a round the world trip. Plan your world tour wisely as time and money are the essences of the around-the-world trip. On top of it, picturesque memories are the quintessence of a world tour. Follow these 8 steps to make sure the world tour is a success. Lastly, visit Jai Travel Deals for any whatsoever airline queries and bookings.