About Beijing

Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China for 800 years. Beijing has been the heart and the souls of politics throughout its long history and exciting modern development. The city is known for its art, history and culture and the exquisite Chinese Linages.


  • The Great Wall of China: The Great Wall of China broadens 4,000 miles. There are a few Great Wall segments around Beijing to pick structure, both established segments and rough segments. You could appreciate a simple stroll at Mutianyu, take a long climb on the wild big dividers of Jinshanling, or take our elite visit to Simatai to see the dazzling night perspectives on the Great Wall. Whichever parcel you pick, make sure you bring a lot of water, sunscreen and little snacks. The walk at the wall alone can be very tiring, and the hot climate can negatively affect ill-equipped travellers (particularly small children and seniors).
  • The Summer Palace:- At the point when the clamour of Beijing turns out to be a lot for you, turn your heads to the Summer Palace. Situated in the northwest rural areas, this desert garden in a real sense, a desert garden with tranquil Kunming Lake etc. Practically every door, structure, corridor and pinnacle have a novel history and benefits a photograph. In spite of the castle's notable allure, most vacationers are enchanted by what's outside.
  • Dashanzi Art Gallery:- Human expressions are blasting in Beijing. You just need to visit the Dashanzi Art District to observe this inventive flood. The focal point of this creative blast is 798 Space, an old hardware fabricating site and stockroom. Initially planned by East Germans during the 1950s, the harsh engineering wonderfully compares the lavishly beautiful substance of craftsman studios. The 2-million-square-foot setting flaunts exhibitions, diners and bars, making it an all-inclusive resource for hip local people and inquisitive vacationers.
  • Lama Sanctuary:- You'll promptly see the inflexible evenness of the mind boggling, which gets from the supreme building style. As the seat of Tibetan Buddhism in Beijing, you'll see this sanctuary of supplication is as yet utilized by strict adherents, so be aware. All through its corridors, you'll see Buddha sanctuaries, sculptures, paintings and carvings. The modest loftiness of the Lama Temple and its going with structures dazzles numerous guests, who discover the sanctuary a wonderful shock in the clamouring city. In the interim, others had a great time the tranquil, incense-filled air.


  • September and October are widely considered to be the best months to travel to Beijing. Temperatures drop to a comfortable 15-25°C (59-77°F) and days are often sunny


  • The best ways to get around Beijing are on foot and by subway. As one of the largest, most populous cities in the world, Beijing has its fair share of traffic problems. During morning and evening rush hours, the roads are clogged with a mix of cars and bikes.

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