About Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as the city for gambling, entertainment, nightlife, shopping and Fine Dining. Las Vegas is the leading city for Financial, Commercial and Cultural center of Navada. This city is known as the ‘entertainment capital of the World’ because of it flowing vibe and the things we can do here. Las Vegas is also known as the ‘America’s Playground’ because of all the glamorous and glitzy vibe to it. Steve Wynn says “Las Vegas is sort of like how God would do it if he had money”


  • The Strip: The Strip is a 2.5-mile-long central section of Las Vegas Boulevard that stretches from the northwest to southwest. This place is full of unlimited entertainment, starting from luxurious hotel rooms, some of the finest dining to the most famous entertainment places. This area is highly popular at night, so if you want to experience Las Vegas nightlife, then this place is where you should start with.
  • Ground Canal: You won't have any trouble finding New York-New York: Its faux-Manhattan skyline – complete with scale models of famous Big Apple attractions like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge – occupies almost a full block of the Strip.
  • Big life Roller-coaster: The tallest roller-coaster in LA for the best Aireal view of the LAS VEGAS to see everything at a distance and exploring what all you need to add on the list for your trip. Located in Paradise, The 550-ft-tall structure overlooks Las Vegas Valley and Las Vegas Strip, the city's main street for late-night amusement. This fascinating observation wheel is so large that it takes 30 minutes to complete a full rotation – this gives you plenty of time to soak up the enchanting views of Las Vegas. No less than 28 air-conditioned cabins are attached to the wheel, each of which can accommodate up to 40 passengers.
  • Fremont Street: It is one the most visited sites in LA. The street is famous for its view for the upward council named after John Charles Fremont is located in the heart of downtown Casino Corridor built in 1905. This place has an eccentric vibe to it for the people who have love for authenticity and culture.


  • If you want to get some great flight deals and discounts on your hotel booking and other things then the period from March to May and from September to November is the best time to visit, as the temperature is very moderate.


  • The best way to commute in Las Vegas is by taxi, and you won't need to worry. They are available 24/7. The Deuce is also a very popular mode of transport and you can choose among the two routes whichever you prefer, the cost is comparatively less you can book it for three days for just 20$ and for they charge only 8$ for 24 hours pass.

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