There is something so fascinating about travelling distance with your friends. It's time you quit making plans and execute that plan which has been thrown at the corner for god knows how many decades. Travelling solo or with your significant other is one thing, but travelling with your friend is a whole new experience for both of you. Our travel team has picked out some places for you and your friends to explore. All you have to do is pack your bags, pick your travel buddy and set your journey. 




  •  NEW ORLEANS - MARDI GRAS:- Mardi gras is the event of the holiday celebration, beginning or after the christian feast of the oracle and culminating on the day before ash wednesday, which is known as “shrove tuesday”.  This celebration includes masked balls, colourful parades, loud music, parties and what not.  The highlights of this place is you can even stay in French quarters that are at a walking distance as other accommodations remain closed because of the celebration.


  • MYKONOS AND ITS BEACHES:-  Mykonos is an island in the cyclades group in the Aegean sea and this place is popular for its summer time party atmosphere.  Beaches such as paradise and super paradise have bars which even offers you a thumping music and well, no doubt at it that it attracts a lot of crowd. Beaches are the new club that anyone can have in these times, with water surrounding you from everywhere. This place throws out all the right vibes that will make you scream with all the energy that you might have left with all the dancing!


  • ICELAND AND ITS ROAD TRAVERSING:-  Isn’t it a dream to have a car, and you're out there with your friend in the strange turns of any new place. Even the visuals you get are so good and thrilling. Iceland has popped up to be on the spot for road-trips. With hiking, geothermal pools, waterfalls, beaches and the famous northern lights that you can see them at night. 


  • VEGAS AND ITS NIGHTLIFE:- Sin-city is always a good idea, especially at night and the charms of this city increases twice when you’re there with your friend. With options in clubs, like Omnia, Marquee and Tao, all the music and food and even drinks will suffice. And if you want to try out your luck, you can visit casinos like Aria, the palms and who knows you might even have a time of your life. 


  • SKIING IN AUSTRIA:- Austrian terrain ranges from some of the world's steepest runs to gentle slopes and trails perfect for a beginner or even for a professional. The best skiing appropriate weather is around mid-january and the least crowded times are in the start of the winter i.e; december and late march. Here, you definitely are going to have great memories for the lifetime. 


  • BACKPACKING TRIP AROUND SOUTHEAST ASIA:- Southeast Asia is a great place to kick-off your that long due backpacking trip. The time period between november till february is considered best as the area is not that wet, instead they are dry, less chilly winds and this place attracts visitors because of its lush green jungles, diving and impeccable taste in food. So, if this is what you have in your mind, you should get started now.


  • TRAILER PARKING IN THE PACIFIC NORTHEAST:- Camping without any kind of bugs, mud and tent is what trailer parking is all about. There are many beautiful amenities in the pacific northwest from Washington, to Alaska and Oregon. The options are endless from a cliffside tent to a lookout tower, a yurt, even a treehouse.  


  • TAKE A SHOT AT SCUBA DIVING:-  Scuba diving makes you swim freely into deep water and where you can experience marine life, where you can even (if you got lucky!) spot some majestic aquatic creature. Diving deep into the water is a ball game, as it gives you a great sensory experience. As it is a buddy activity, you may as well go out in one of the scuba activities. 


  • BECOME A KID AT DISNEYLAND:-  The fun, the magic and the joy that comes by visiting disneyland, is something that you can hold onto forever. No matter what age you’re off, Disneyland has everything that can make you smile.  This place is a vacation for all. 


So, now what are you waiting for? We've laid out everything for you and your friend, you have to pick and pack your clothes and book tickets and set out on a journey.