You are on your way to the destination you have longed for, but the irony is you are stuck in a monotonous long flight. Seated in between two strangers, all there is the dwelling time. Long flights are boring and if not planned well can be the cause of your dullness on the vacation. We have prepared 15 tips for long flights to make your long fights less painful and to keep you action-ready for your vacation. These tips will ensure your journey is plentiful and easy.


List of 15 Tips for Long Flights

Get the Comfortable Seat

Whenever you are booking, try to get an aisle or window-side seat. That’s your first step in getting a plentiful journey. Don’t book near the restroom as most of your time on the journey is gone through passengers passing by and making your life miserable. If a friend is coming along, book both aisle and window-side seats and there is a rare chance someone will book the middle one.

More so, if you happen to have front row seats or middle, ask the cabin crew to change as most of the time you spend is going to be sulking as your fellow passengers will pay several visits to the restroom.


Avoid Being Jet Lag

Set your sleeping pattern according to the end destination you are traveling to. Enter your sleeping alarm as per the destination you are going to and set phone time to that location so that you can sleep out the airplane journey and can be as fresh as daisy for the exploration part. If not then try to book a flight reservation where the destination is day arrival.


Early Bird

Book early your reservation to get the best seat for your journey. By any chance, if you are late, book the last row seats as there are always chances of back row seats going empty.


Be Comfortable

Wear apparels that are comfortable irrespective of the fashion statement. Surviving long-haul flights can be a daunting task if you are not comfortable in your skin, so wear flexible and layered clothing that will compensate for the cold you are bound to feel at high elevation altitude.


Stay Hydrated

A long flight at times is sulking and can take a toll on the passenger. Staying hydrated is something you should keep working on, as it will keep you lighted as well as hydrated. There are two options in that aspect, either bring your own water bottle or acquire it from the airline. Some airlines may charge extra for it so read airline policies in advance.


Upgrade with a Frequent Flyer Program

Subscribe to the frequent flyer program of the airline you avail services most often. Redeem those points earned for ticket upgradation to business class and splurge into the fanciness of business class or first-class cabin suite.


Check-in Early

Don’t try to rush your way into the airport, it’s only going to put more exertion on your melancholy. Check-in early and be the master of your travel.



As now stands, most airlines run with a modern fleet so having a power outlet at the carrier is no problem. Still, it is better to charge your mobile or any other gadget fully before the departure. There may be a few old carriers still running around, so bringing a portable charger is always handy. You never knew when the battery died.


Always Bring Your Own Entertainment

Time has changed a lot, so have the airlines. The modern fleet is instilled with a personalized entertainment system and is available for all classes but with different nuances. Many airlines provide so but there is always the chance of dislike, or system malfunction. So bring in your entertainment such as books, literature, pre-downloaded podcasts or movies or music, etc.  


Bring a Spare Set of Earphones, a pillow, and body care items

Most airline fleets provide personalized headphones but what is lacking is the quality, especially in the economy cabin. So, if you have one, bring it to the flight. Asides carry a plushy pillow to be your body cornerstone for long flights. Lastly, carry lotion and other sorts of body essentials to cater to your body’s nourishment needs.


Get a Free Ticket Upgrade

Put on the best clothing you have, put the best smile on your face, show elitism, and maybe the ticket in-charge personnel gets your ticket updated to the business class. Try out asking the cabin crew staff or board the plane from a less populous airport hub. Lufthansa airport terminals are a red signal, the chance is very rare you get a free ticket upgrade as there are a lot of VIPs lining the Frankfurt and Munich terminal.


Be Assertive in Your Choices of Food

Food can be the make-or-break scenario for the passengers on long flights. An empty stomach on top of a long flight is not a nice thing. If you are a frequent traveler with one particular flight and know the food is viable, then it’s good to go. Otherwise prefer packaged food that is solid and contains less saturated fat. Bring in nuts and snack bars to keep your vigor up to mark.


Stretch the Arms and Legs

Take a walk around the plane when on recess, it lets your blood flow in and in return lets you avoid those cramps & stiff body muscles that have been the bane of your life.


Be Sociable

Boarding a long flight and you are relying upon music or podcasts alone, not a good idea. Try to be a chatty person instead of an introvert, chat up with the person seating beside you and you never knew that fellow person is your drinking or travel buddy. Be Sociable, bring the best conversation, but don’t bother if the person is not interested.    


Purchase Premium Economy

Splurge a little bit more and book a premium economy reservation ticket. Then flaunt it because you got it.

Use separate queues to have hassle-free boarding, lounge in VIP lounges if you happen to arrive early, sip in champagne and reside comfortably at your extra wider seats.

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