United States is much more than just the Grand Canyon, it’s over the top inventions and sports. When it comes to nature and its serenity and the tranquillity that it oozes is exceptional. From God's magnificent creation to human’s surpassing and making something that beholds our eye for a while, there is nothing that States does not have it in. 

So, this coming summer we would want our readers to visit and enjoy every splashes and waves and return back with memories for a lifetime. As this blog’s topic is about the most popular beaches in usa, our travel team hopes that by the end of this blog, you’ll be all set and packed with your shorts, swimsuits, sunglasses and a lot of sunscreens to see these gorgeous beaches and its waves.


List of 10 Most Popular Beaches in USA:-


  • As we know, Florida is home to many beaches and they come with white sand and clear water . Although most of the beaches are flooded with people. Exception is the Honeymoon Island State Park, which is located in Tampa Bay and is made up of North Beach, Oasis Beach and Dog beach, where you can bring your pets along with yourself. This island is perfect for outdoor lovers, and you can even participate in a plethora of activities like kayaking, swimming, fishing and even hiking. 

  • Puerto Rico and its beaches is a site worth watching and soaking in all, one of the beaches that this place has is Flamenco Beach which is located on the island of Culebra. This beach is postcard-perfect. The white sand and clear turquoise water is what you need to take your breath away. With zero to no waves this place is perfect for snorkelling and swimming and sunbathing. 

  • Located on the stunning North Shore of Oahu, Waimea Bay Beach Park is one of the most beautiful beaches in the USA. With its 30 foot wave, this beach is the hotspot for some great surfers and bravest surfers in the world. With the crystal clear water, this beach is perfect for snorkelling, swimming and diving.  Other than the surface of this beach, the underwater panorama is simply breathtaking.

  • Looking for a fun beach weekend, but cannot figure out what and where. No worries, Marquette Beach is settled right on the lake's superior beach.  You can paddleboard during calmer days on the beach and this place has everything from the most contemporary life to party life, to outdoor adventures to warm sand beaches in this small town. 

  • Cape Kiwanda is Oregon’s most understated attraction. Although it is overshadowed by the most popular, Cannon beach.  Locals and visitors talk about this beach’s alluring beauty.  It is located on the pacific ocean and the small fishing town that it is, shines on its pride for its humble regions. You can make your own small picnic spot here, even fly kites and can also watch the tide flow when the waves are low. 

  • Located on the island of Key biscayne, is the Crandon Park Beach,  a short drive from the town, but definitely a world better than the one left behind. It is a 2-mile stretched white sand beach with lots of plantation. You can see yourself trying out new water sports like kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding and even kiteboarding. 

  • Famed to be known as one of the prettiest beaches in the US, Pacific Beach in California is a stretched long white sand beach with a calming coastline. It features a 3.2 mile  paved front walk beach, which is perfect for both cycling and strolling. 

  • Assateague Island is a 37 mile long white sand beach and is divided into two parts-  Maryland and Virginia.  You can sight horses all over the beach, on dunes and even on the shores. It is also one of the most bird sighting destinations , birds seen here are eagles, herons and falcons among many others. This beach offers biking, kayaking even crabbing

  • From the movie “The Goonies', Cannon Beach has been in radar since then. Marked by towering cliffs, the water is spotted in many places. Views here are pretty much eye-catching, this place is a boon for photographers and nature lovers. 

  •  The Gulf of Mexico as its facade, Panama Beach is widely popular for its mile stretched white sand beach and the calm energy that it radiates , making this beach a perfect family beach, where you can also play some water and terrestrial fun activities. 


 So, now that you have reached the end of the blog, We are pretty sure that you must have packed your stuff and even selected your beach of the month! Now all you have to do is to book flight tickets and rest assured you’ll be left with ample memories.